10 Easy And Advanced Yoga Poses To Unblock Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the seat of your power and confidence. It’s also known as Manipura, which means “city of jewels” in Sanskrit. The solar plexus chakra is associated with digestion, metabolism, and energy.

When this chakra is balanced, you have a strong sense of self and can handle stress without being controlled by it.

5 Easy And Advanced Yoga Poses To Unblock Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Where can You find The solar plexus chakra?

The solar plexus chakra is located in the area of your stomach, and it’s aligned with your digestive system. This means that when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, you may experience indigestion or constipation. When you’re feeling happy, your stomach is relaxed and digesting food efficiently.

If you’ve ever had a big meal with friends or family and felt more comfortable than usual, that’s because of the solar plexus chakra. When this chakra is balanced, your digestion works smoothly and efficiently.

What unblocks the solar plexus chakra?

To unblock the solar plexus chakra in yoga, focus on your breath. Take deep breaths that fill your lungs, and then exhale slowly. This will help calm your body and mind.

  • Mindfulness meditation: As you become more mindful, you can observe your thoughts and emotions without becoming attached. This can help you to release negative emotions like stress and anxiety.
  • Empathy Practice: The solar plexus chakra is blocked when we feel insecure or overwhelmed by the needs of others. An empathy practice will help you find a sense of inner strength that allows you to care for yourself while also seeing things from other people’s perspectives.

You can:

  • Meditate.
  • Do yoga poses.
  • Practice pranayama or breathing exercises.
  • Practice breathing of fire (Kapalabhati).
  • Do the high lunge twist with Anjali mudra.

Yoga Poses To Unblock Your solar plexus chakra

These Yoga poses are beneficial in clearing blockages within your solar plexus chakra system. They will help you open up your third eye and your heart, which is the seat of the emotions that can cause blockage in this chakra center. The following poses are a great way to start unblocking your solar plexus chakra:

Dhanurasana (bow pose)

This is a very effective pose for opening up your solar plexus chakra.

Step-by-step guide into the pose:

  • Lie on the floor with your face down and legs extended. Bend one knee, raising it to hip level and grabbing onto the heel with one hand. Reach back with the other hand to grab hold of both ankles.
  • Inhale deeply as you lift your torso, keeping both arms straight as though reaching for something in front of you. If possible, straighten out all four limbs so that you’re resting on your shoulders and feet (like an upside-down V).
  • Hold this position for several breaths; then exhale as you gradually lower yourself onto the floor again by bending at the hips first, then letting go of each leg individually until they rest gently against each side of your body again.

Kapalabhati pranayama or breath of fire

Kapalabhati pranayama, or breath of fire, is a great way to unblock your solar plexus chakra. In this pose, you breathe in through your nose and then exhale forcefully through your mouth.

You can do it for five minutes and repeat it several times. This yoga asana will help detoxify the body and clear out toxins from the liver, bile ducts, spleen, and lungs near our solar plexus chakra area.

High Lunge Twist with Anjali mudra (prayer pose)

High Lunge Twist with Anjali mudra is an outstanding yoga pose that can help you open up your solar plexus chakra. This asana will stretch out your muscles and improve blood circulation through them. It also helps stimulate the solar plexus chakra by forcing you to focus on breathing while stretching out the spine and hamstrings.

Step-by-step guide into the pose:

  • Start in mountain pose on one leg, ensure both shoulders are aligned over hips, and then bring your arms down to your sides as you reach back into a high lunge position.
  • Next, turn your torso to face forward while keeping your gaze down at the floor below you until you feel a gentle stretch in the front of your body — this is Anjali mudra! If you don’t yet have enough flexibility to get into this position comfortably, try bringing one knee toward your chest while keeping the hips square; once that feels good for 6-8 breaths, repeat on another side.
  • Finally, take four breaths here before coming back up into mountain pose; repeat three times total if possible!

Parvritta Trikonasana (revolved triangle pose)

This yoga asana will help stimulate the solar plexus chakra by forcing you to focus on breathing while stretching your hamstrings and spine. While standing tall with legs together, reach one arm straight up and twist it around to look over your shoulder at the opposite hand. While doing this pose, you’ll want to keep the back leg extended and the front knee bent.

Step-by-step guide into the pose:

  • Start in mountain pose, with your feet together and your hands at the heart center.
  • Take a step back with your left foot, keeping both hips facing forward and bringing your right foot to the outside of the left knee so that you are in a side angle pose.
  • As you inhale, raise into warrior II with arms straight out at shoulder level; as you exhale, fold forward over one leg as far as you can go without losing balance or rounding out the spine—this is a revolved triangle pose.

Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

5 Easy And Advanced Yoga Poses To Unblock Your Solar Plexus ChakraBhujangasana (cobra pose) is one of the most popular yoga poses, and with good reason. This pose is excellent for opening the chest and stretching the back, shoulders, and neck. It can be done on your hands and knees or your stomach.

A step-by-step guide to the pose:

  • Start with your hands and knees on the floor. Keep your shoulders directly above your wrists, and spread your fingers wide.
  • Tuck in your chin to lengthen the neck.
  • Slowly raise yourself up, one vertebra at a time, until you are resting on the tops of your shoulders.
  • Hold for five breaths, then slowly lower back down to start position.

How can I stimulate my solar plexus?

You can stimulate your solar plexus chakra by doing the following:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Yoga poses to increase the flow of prana (life force) in the body.

Some examples include:

  • Ardha Bhekasana (half frog pose)
  • Bhadra Sirsasana (goddess headstand)
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog pose) – Handstands or balancing on one foot in a supported way
  • Yogic deep relaxation techniques like Yoga Nidra or meditation to clear away stress and remove blockages around this energy center

How do you relax your solar plexus?

Relaxing your solar plexus is an important part of being able to relax. If you can’t relax, it will be challenging to focus on the task at hand, or even be mindful of what is happening around you.

  • Resting your hands on your solar plexus helps calm the area and help with relaxation.
  • Taking deep breaths into your diaphragm will also help calm down this chakra.

Many yoga poses focus on the solar plexus

Many yoga poses focus on the solar plexus and how to find it. Once you have located it, you can use specific breathing exercises, yoga poses, meditation, massage, and acupuncture. The solar plexus serves as a gateway between your physical and spiritual bodies. It is considered to be where your breath comes from and therefore affects all your organs through this pathway of energy flow.

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

The first step in healing any chakra is balancing the imbalances within it with positive affirmations that reflect what we want our lives to look like instead of what they do right now. This will help align with the vibrations emanating throughout each chakra, for they heal not only themselves but also others around us who may feel pain due to their negative thinking patterns, which then causes disruptions within their corresponding chakras (especially if those people happen

Yoga Poses To Unblock Your Solar Plexus Chakra – Conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to relax and center yourself, it’s time to try some yoga poses. Yoga is a powerful tool that can help you release stress, improve your health and even get creative inspiration. The best part about this ancient practice? It doesn’t take much equipment or space; you only need yourself!

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