What Is Feng Shui – Learn 5 Basic Principles

Feng Shui is an ancient oriental philosophy that believes arranging our environment can impact our feelings and thoughts. “Feng Shui” is a Chinese word meaning “wind-water.” This ancient practice focuses on how energy flows in our lives and interacts with the world around us.

This article will explore what Feng Shui is and how you can improve your health and well-being.

Feng Shui

The word “Feng Shui.”

Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” in English, which refers to how air flows around objects like water flows around rocks in a riverbed. Feng Shui principles say your home should be arranged so it works harmoniously with nature for you, instead of against it—and you can do this by following specific guidelines for decorating your space.

The word originated in China and refers to an ancient oriental philosophy that deals with energy flow through a structure or space.

Feng Shui originated in China around 5,000 years ago as a practical method of geomancy used by farmers to orient homes and buildings for optimal productivity based on the unique topography of each site. The goal was to enhance the natural energy flow within structures to support better human habitation, health, wealth, and prosperity.

It is based on the principle that everything in our environment affects us, from the color and shape of a room to the objects inside it. The practice involves arranging furniture, colors, and other things around your home or workplace so that energy flows freely through them. This helps improve health, wealth, and happiness in your life. Feng Shui is used by interior designers as well as homeowners who want to create beautiful spaces that feel good to be in.

Feng Shui Principles

Feng Shui principles are based on the understanding that everything in our lives affects us and has a specific energy, even if it’s not always obvious. By arranging your environment according to these principles, you can improve your life experience by harmonizing spaces with their surroundings or people with each other.

You can easily apply Feng Shui principles to your surroundings by placing particular objects in certain places in your home, including plants, bowls of fruit, art, mirrors, and crystals.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that placing:

  • Mirrors in specific locations of your home or office will let you see more clearly who’s coming into contact with you (or vice versa). In this case, mirrors help clear blocked energy paths so that positive energies flow freely throughout an entire space.
  • Plants help improve air quality and create a more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Fruit bowls represent abundance and good health.
  • Art can be anything you enjoy looking at, whether a photo of an old friend or a painting you made yourself.
  • Crystals also attract energy and balance the chakras (energy centers) within people’s bodies.


Feng Shui Principles

A Feng Shui Consultation

A Bagua map, or feng shui blueprint of your home or office, shows where the energy is flowing and stuck. It is used to balance the energy flow. The Bagua map will be drawn on a floor plan of your space by a professional Feng Shui Consultant. It provides information about how best to arrange furniture, decorate, and position items to release stagnant chi (energy), which may prevent you from achieving your goals.

When negative chi affects your success in life, you may experience feelings such as fear or anger that seem unrelated to any situation.

The next step is to find hidden areas such as a basement, utility closet, attic, or garage and add some helpful items to enhance your life experience. You can also represent each person who lives with you by creating small personal altars near the area where they sleep or spend the most time.

Remember that feng shui is about balance, so don’t go overboard!

Feng Shui Principles To Improve Your Finances

If you struggle financially, try hanging three red coins near the front door. This will help increase your finances.

Red coins are a symbol of good luck and prosperity. You can also use red envelopes when giving gifts to friends or family members, as this is another way to promote wealth and success.

To hang the coins:

  • Place three red Chinese coins into the coin purse with a ribbon tied around it to hang near your front door or other area where you enter or exit your house. If possible, have them placed at eye level so that they’re easier to see from afar; however, if that’s not possible, then hanging them higher up on a wall is fine, too! The critical part is ensuring they’re visible enough so that anyone entering your home will notice them immediately upon walking through their doorway (or opening their front doors).

Feng Shui Principles – Conclusion

Feng Shui is based on the understanding that everything in our lives affects us and has a specific energy. These energies can be good or bad depending on their influence on our life experience, which is why it’s crucial to balance these energies so that we always feel positive about ourselves and our surroundings. Using Feng Shui principles, you can improve your life experience using items you may already have around your home.

It offers a way to improve your life by incorporating elements of ancient philosophy. By understanding how Feng Shui works and applying it, we can create an environment more harmonious with our needs, moods, and desires, leading us toward tremendous success in all areas of life.

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