Healing Crystals for Self Love

7 Best Healing Crystals for Self Love

Self love is so important because it’s the foundation for all other forms of love – from healthy relationships to a purposeful career, and from a body that feels strong and safe to a mind that knows it’s enough. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect to give and receive love from others? It’s impossible!

You can’t feel good about yourself if you don’t know how to love yourself. And sometimes, we all need reminders of what it means to love ourselves–and reminders that not everyone will understand that process. Healing crystals can help us through these moments when we’re feeling down or unsure of ourselves, reminding us of our own value, power, and beauty.

Without self-love, it’s easy to feel unworthy of receiving love or being loved. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, which are both very common feelings in our modern world.

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are natural minerals that form in the Earth over millions of years. Over time, these minerals grow into beautiful crystals that are full of energy, known as “vibes” or “energy frequencies”. These vibes can have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing.

The Power of Self Love

Self-love is something we all struggle with at some point in our lives – especially when we are going through challenging times or when we feel alone or misunderstood. But what exactly does self-love mean? Well, it means different things to different people but it generally refers to: having a positive attitude towards yourself; being kind towards yourself; valuing your own needs as much as you value others’; accepting yourself for who you are; feeling secure in your own skin; having high self esteem; being confident in who you are without worrying about what others think about you ; having a strong sense of self worth; and feeling good about yourself.

Why are healing crystals so powerful?

Healing crystals have been used throughout history as a way to connect with nature and heal ourselves on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

They have been used for thousands of years as tools for healing physical ailments, emotional wounds, and spiritual conflicts. Each crystal has its own energy signature, meaning that each crystal has its own unique vibration that brings something different into your life when you use it. When you combine a healing crystal with meditation or other healing practices like yoga or Reiki, the results are even more powerful because they work together to bring balance into your life. They’re also beautiful!

When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to get back on your feet. You might feel like you’ll never have the energy to take care of yourself, or that you don’t deserve to take care of yourself. But here’s the thing: when you love yourself, you can do anything.

When we don’t feel loved by others or by ourselves, we often turn to self-destructive behaviors in order to cope with our pain—and those behaviors can make us feel worse. But when we’re surrounded by loving crystals and positive energy, we start to build up our own protective shield against negativity. And that shield can help us stay strong even when things are tough.

best Healing Crystals for Self Love

What are the best crystals for self-love?

The best crystals for self love are those that will help you to focus on yourself and your needs, as well as those that will help you let go of negative thoughts. Self-love is an important part of a healthy life, but it can be hard to do when we’re so busy thinking about others. The best crystals for self love help you to focus on your own needs and desires, and help you to get rid of negative thoughts so that you can move forward with your life in a positive direction.

Rose Quartz

It is a beautiful pink stone that brings feelings of love and peace into your life. It helps with self-love by helping you feel more comfortable with who you are and what you stand for. Rose Quartz also helps with stress and anxiety, which makes it perfect for when things get tough at work or school.

Known as the “Love Stone”, is believed to help people attract love into their lives, so if you’re hoping to find someone special and want some help with that (or if you just want more love in general), then a rose quartz necklace could be just what you need!




It is another favorite crystal among those seeking self-love, as it’s known as the “Stone of Power.” Amethyst is believed to help people overcome addictions and compulsions, so if you have an issue with addiction or compulsion (like overeating), then an amethyst necklace could be just what you need!

Smoky Quartz



Another great choice if you’re looking for a crystal that will help you love yourself. Smoky Quartz is believed to be an excellent stone for those who feel like they need more self-confidence, as it’s said to help people who are shy or timid become more outgoing and confident, and can help you feel good about yourself.




It is a beautiful crystal that is said to be an excellent stone for people who want more self-love. It’s also said to be useful for those who are learning how to forgive themselves, as Rhodochrosite is believed to help you let go of past mistakes and move forward in your life with a positive attitude. If you’re looking for a crystal that will help you love yourself and forgive yourself for any past mistakes, then it might just be the right choice!


It helps you to release your fear of rejection, abandonment, or loneliness. It helps you to release any negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. It creates a protective field around you that can keep negativity away. Pyrite is also said to help you let go of old habits and bad relationships so that you can move forward in life with a positive attitude!



It helps you to feel safe and secure in yourself and your life. It helps you to feel calm and peaceful, even when things are difficult. It can also help you to let go of any fears that may be holding you back from enjoying life fully!

Lapis Lazuli



It helps you to overcome any feelings of anger or resentment. It will allow you to forgive yourself for any mistakes that have been made in the past and move forward with a positive attitude!

How To Use Healing Crystals For Self Love

Using healing crystals for self love requires a lot of patience and dedication. They won’t work overnight, but if you use them daily, they will help you become more focused and positive about yourself. You can use them by holding them in your hand while meditating or while doing yoga exercises such as pranayama breathing techniques or sun salutations (the sequence of poses used in hatha yoga). A good way to start using healing crystals for self love is by choosing one that resonates with you emotionally—then try adding another one once a week until you have a collection!

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When using healing crystals for self-love, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of crystals out there—and each one works differently for different people. The key is finding the right crystal for YOU! Here are some tips:

1) Choose a crystal that resonates with your energy. If it doesn’t feel right in your hand or when around your body (or if it feels uncomfortable), then chances are it isn’t the right one for you—no matter how much other people say they love it!

2) Clear away any negative energy before starting any kind of healing practice. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, it’s best to take a short meditation break before getting started with your crystal healing session.

3) Set an intention for your healing session by saying something like: “I am open to receiving the many ways in which crystals can assist me in loving myself more fully.”

4) Use the crystals as tools rather than relying on them as cure-alls.

5) Take time to explore the crystals’ properties and how they feel in your hands, on your body and around your environment.

6) Practice breathing techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing or alternate nostril breathing to calm yourself before starting a crystal healing session.

7) Use tools such as sage smoke or incense to clear away any negative energy that may be lingering in the room after you’ve completed your crystal healing session.

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