9 Signs Your Ex Is Trying To Get Your Attention

If you’ve just broken up with your ex, then it’s likely that you’re going to be wondering if they want you back. That’s natural! While some people move on quickly after a breakup, others are mired in doubt, confusion, and heartache. It can be hard to know what an ex’s intentions are when they’re trying so hard not to show them–but here are some signs that might indicate whether or not your ex wants to get back together:

9 Signs Your Ex Is Trying To Get Your Attention

What are the signs that your ex wants you back?

If you’re wondering if your ex wants you back, the answer is probably “yes.” But what are the signs that they want to rekindle things?

  • They start checking in with you. Maybe they ask how work is going or even send a text saying hello. This could indicate they miss talking to you and want to catch up on old times. If this happens, don’t freak out! Just go about your life as usual and let them know that if there’s something specific they need from you (which I’m sure there isn’t), then let them know what it is.
  • They ask if they can hang out with friends at some point because “it’d be nice” or something similar. This could be an attempt to get closer again since they think it might make things less awkward between all involved parties after having been broken up for so long already.

1. They want to show you they can change…

One of the most obvious signs your ex is trying to get your attention is that they have changed. They want to show you they can change and be the person you want them to be, the person you once loved. They hope that if they show you how much they have changed, there might be a chance for the two of you in the future.

If this sounds familiar and something similar has happened with your ex, remember what happened last time so it doesn’t happen again! It didn’t work last time that they weren’t ready yet and still had some issues or problems within themselves or their life that needed resolving before any relationship could work out between both parties involved (you included). You may end up feeling hurt when things don’t work out because it makes sense inside your head why someone would change, but on the other hand, it makes no sense when things start happening again, just like before, which leaves us confused and wondering why.

2. They’ll try to ease the guilt (by presenting you with a gift or acting as your fairy godmother)

They may try to get your attention by giving you a gift or acting as your fairy godmother. Your ex may try to ease their guilt by presenting you with some token, like flowers or jewelry, because it’s hard to feel bad for someone when they’re giving you nice things (unless you’re being paid). They might also try to make it up to you by doing something nice for you or saying something nice one day, making both of your hearts skip a beat.

3. They’re trying to show you how good life could be with them

If you feel like your ex is trying to get your attention, they probably are. If you’re wondering if they’ve changed and are ready to be in a relationship with you again, it might be time to take another look at the signs that they’ve changed. They’ll do things like:

  • Show off their new life without any regard for your feelings about it
  • Remind you of how good life could be with them
  • Ensure that other people know just how happy and prosperous they are now.
  • Try to make you jealous of their new partner.

4. They’ll try to tell you that they have changed and have become more mature

They’ll try to tell you they have changed and become more mature. They may say they’ve learned from their mistakes and want to make things right with you. Their new maturity will be demonstrated by their ability to listen to your side of things and not get defensive when you express your feelings about the breakup.

Many people who have been through breakups report feeling like a completely different person after they’re over—a better version of themselves. This could be because they realize how much work goes into maintaining relationships, so it’s easier not to engage in unhealthy behavior toward others now that they’re single again (or maybe because being single sucks). Either way, if your ex says this kind of thing about themselves, remember that this isn’t necessarily true; the only thing that has changed is how aware they are of their actions at any given moment—not who they are as a person!

5. They’ll try to make you jealous

If you’ve ignored their calls and texts, they’ll try to get your attention by being extra affectionate with others. They may:

  • Tell you about their new partner.
  • Please post pictures of themselves with this person on social media.
  • Talk about how great things are between them or how much fun they have together.

6. You’re still in their thoughts…

If your ex tries to get your attention, they may think about you. They’ve probably been thinking about you for a while and probably doing it all the time. Or maybe today is the day they decided to think about you? No matter when they start thinking of you again (and no matter how long or often), if this person is trying to reconnect with you after their breakup, there’s a good chance that they still have feelings for their ex.

7. You’re still in their life…

They’ve kept in touch with you, but only occasionally. They might even have invited you to social events or asked about your life, but it’s been a while since they did so. When they do reach out and ask about your life, it’s usually only because something has happened that involves the other person in some way (e.g., “I haven’t seen [name] for weeks—is everything okay?”). This can sometimes feel like a subtle way to reestablish a connection between the two of you and determine if any feelings are left on either side.

8. They follow you on social media and like your posts

If your ex has unfollowed you on social media and now follows you again, they may be trying to send you a message. They may be trying to show that they’re still interested in what’s going on with you and still care about how things are going for you.

If this is the case, the person may want to get back together with the former partner or at least reestablish a relationship to feel connected without being physically together.

They want to get back together with you if they do these things.

If your ex tries to get your attention, they may be interested in getting back together.

When your ex was still in a relationship with you, they probably spent much time working on their appearance and dressing up for the two of you. If they’re suddenly putting effort into their appearance again, it could be because they want to impress someone else—namely, you.

If your ex always seemed jealous about other people talking to or flirting with you, now might be the time for them to show off some new outfits or make-up skills. They could also start going out more often and making more eye contact with other people (men). These things are signs that they might still have feelings for you but are afraid of being rejected again if they try talking about them directly, so instead, they use indirect methods like those mentioned above.”

9 Signs Your Ex Is Trying To “et Your Attention – Conclusion

We know this can be a time for you, but interestingly, you only do these things because they want you back. Yo is worth remembering. You need to think about how much you want them back, too, and whether or not you’re willing to risk yourself getting hurt again.

If you are, there’s nothing wrong with tryithere’sn, but if not, we recommend leaving them behind.

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