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I know that affirmations can seem a little weird at first—I mean, it’s not like you can go up to someone and say “look, I’m using an affirmation right now—see?” But the truth is that affirmations are all around us. They’re in the words we use, they’re on the tags of our clothing and in our favorite songs. And they’re also in the way we think and talk about ourselves.

If you’ve ever said something like “I can’t” or “that’s not me,” then you’ve been using negative affirmations—and if you keep doing that same thing long enough, it’ll become your reality. But if you start changing those thoughts into positive ones instead? That’s when your life starts to change too.

So join me here on my blog: let’s talk about how to use affirmations for yourself!

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We believe in the power of affirmation to help us create a better life for ourselves and others

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